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What’s Important to State Departments of Education?

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

COLSD Forum with State Department of Education Staff

On November 18th and 19th, 2014, COLSD brought six state education staff members together to discuss online learning and students with disabilities – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Virginia. We want to know what they find important in their states, particularly around the following eight topics:

  • Enrollment, persistence, progress and achievement
  • Parent preparation and involvement in their child’s online experience
  • IDEA principles in the online environment (e.g., FAPE, least restrictive environment, parental notification, due process protections)
  • Effective and efficient student response data access, sharing, integration, and instructional usage among those involved in online instruction
  • Effectiveness of teacher preparation in the online learning environment
  • Integration of optimal evidence-based instructional practices; availability of skill/strategy instruction in online environments
  • Utilization of the online environment’s unique properties and affordances
  • Differential access to online learning within and across their state

The state staff members were quite invested in these topics and had a lot to share with us and each other. They talked about how these issues are addressed in their states, how important these topics are, the direction their states are moving in these areas, and the top challenges they face. They also favored us with some ideas for possible research.

In the Comments section, let us know what you want to know about this forum.

A synopsis of the forum conversations will be in an upcoming blog post!

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