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Webinars For Teachers #3

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

During our third of four webinars for teachers this year our own Survey Facilitators, Tracy Parent and her colleage Venetia Vaselopulos, from Illinois presented on collaboration in online learning using Edmodo and Schoology. Then Skip Stahl of CAST presented on “Universal Design for Learning in Online Learning for Students with Disabilities”. He discussed some of the accessibility work that the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities has been doing over the past two years; gave a mini-description of what UDL is; and used vignettes to describe how UDL could be used to support two disparate types of students. Skip provided some great tools and memorable examples how we can address student learning variability in our online classrooms.

Webinar #3 Video Transcript|PowerPoint #1|PowerPoint #2|MS Word #1|MS Word #2|PDF

Background on Webinars for Teacher

The Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities conducts annual nationwide surveys with various groups, including teachers, administrators, students and parents. In order to get surveys from each state, teachers from every state have volunteered to distribute the surveys to appropriate persons. As one way to express our appreciation to these teachers, we are providing live webinars on topics in which they are instrested. These webinars will be archived and available on the Center’s website.

The scheduled webinars are:

November 14, 2013
Social Skills and Mobile Apps,
Dr. Sean Smith, University of Kansas

January 21, 2014
The Ins and Outs of iPads for Students with Disabilities
Dr. Dan Pollitt, University of Kansas

March 3, 2014
UDL and the Online Class for Students with Disabilities
Skip Stahl, CAST

April 2, 2014
Apps and Tech Solutions for Students with Disabilities in STEM
Dr. Jamie Basham, University of Kansas

You can find webinar recordings and links to additional resources shortly after each is presented live,

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