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Update from the Director (January 3rd, 2014)

Posted on Jan 3, 2014

The New Year has provided an opportunity to reflect as well as a welcome change of pace for the Center. We’ve recently completed several large projects which themselves reflect upon two years of study. So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’d like to take this opportunity to look back and briefly discuss them.

This December, a group of Center researchers traveled to Washington, D.C. to present a summary of our first two years of research to a review panel. We spent a great deal of time preparing for our presentation and developing a briefing book to summarize our activities to the panelists. Although fitting two years of work into a small summary was challenging, we succeeded and delivered a great presentation. The panelists are still reviewing our presentation and will provide a formal report on our progress in a few weeks.

We’re also happy to announce that the Center will feature heavily in an upcoming special edition of the journal Teaching Exceptional Children (TEC) focused on online learning. TEC is published with teachers of exceptional students in mind and strives to provide practical, research-tested advice. Over the past year, Center researchers have put together seven articles for the journal, all of which are slated to appear in its online learning special edition. These articles will give teachers in both traditional and online settings information about online tools and useful technology to enhance their instruction of students with disabilities. More information on the special edition will soon be forthcoming from TEC’s publisher.

In the coming year, we plan to utilize the Center’s blog with regular posts about our ongoing research. We’ll be providing a window into the Center’s activities and announcing upcoming publications and initiatives. With that in mind, I hope you’ll look forward to another post about the Center’s progress in this space soon.

Diana Greer, Ph.D.
Co-Project Director, University of Kansas

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