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Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction

Posted on May 25, 2012

There is a growing fear that digital learning threatens the jobs of teachers that is expanding across various media outlets. For example, in the magazine Fast Company, Gregory Ferenstein writes that, “Just as the Internet replaced telephone operators and the nightly news anchor as the default source of information, teachers may be next on the chopping block.” This is unlikely to be the case, though, as Bryan and Emily Hassel explain in their report, Teachers in the Age of Digital Instruction, “The elements of excellent teaching that are most difficult for technology to replace will increasingly differentiate student outcomes.”

Technology can certainly enhance education, but it cannot entirely displace educators. It is becoming clear that, “The digital revolution needs excellent teachers. Teaching needs the digital revolution.” Digital instruction is not a way to eliminate teachers, but rather a means by which to extend the reach and options available, thus ensuring that students have access to the highest quality of education delivered by the most excellent teachers, regardless of geographic location or status.

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Josh Luthi is a computer science student at the University of Kansas and has a penchant for politics.

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