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Surveys on Trends and Issues in Online Learning Near Release

Posted on May 29, 2012

Questions will focus on Students with Disabilities and their participation in online learning

The Center’s work scope specifies the release of a series of annual surveys to gather information on K-12 online learning as it effects students with disabilities. As part of the Center’s first priority — to “identify and verify trends and issues” —
the Center will survey a variety of professionals that directly influence the direction of online learning for students with disabilities.

The first audiences to be surveyed will include building administrators, special education administrators, developers, and state legislators to name a few. Because the education community is tied to a seasonal schedule, other members of the community, such as teachers and parents, will be surveyed in the fall when school resumes.

Surveys, of course, are more than just asking the “right” questions on a form. The Center does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to build a good survey. First, the researchers decide on the topics to base survey questions on. Second, researchers seek consultations from statistics experts and the Internal Review Board at the University of Kansas. An initial two-week pilot survey will lead to semantic adjustments and more consultations. Finally the actual survey will be disseminated and the Center’s data experts, along with graduate student support, will work to interpret the findings.