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Posted on Nov 20, 2013

The Center has developed an interactive state policy database on K-12 online learning. Anyone can access and use this database to find policies for in a specific state, policies by topics across states, and perhaps most importantly, policies that can be seen as directly addressing online learning and students with disabilities.

The Center conducted a thorough search of all 50 state Department of Education websites to obtain publicly available policy and guidance that pertains to online learning. The purpose of the search was to identify and make available policies and guidance related to online learning from across the United States. When a policy or guidance document was general in nature and appeared to refer to all students and online learning, it was considered to include students with disabilities because, logically, policies or guidance documents that apply to all students include students with disabilities.

Information in the database was shared with staff at all 50 state departments of education to review for accuracy and thoroughness.

Video Demonstration


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