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#spedchat on Twitter

Posted on May 3, 2013

Paper pointing arrows at the words A,B,C, and D.Recently, #spedchat on Twitter has focused on apps that SPED specialists have found useful in their work. The general trend is that, when a scheduled spedchat is not going on, people share links to information about education and awareness of special education and the needs of students with disabilities. During spedchats, practitioners come together to share the tools, techniques, and strategies they have found useful.

As mobile devices become increasingly available and accepted in educational environments, practitioners are becoming more interested in what apps can offer their students. In the latest spedchat, practitioners discussed some of their favorite apps, which they organized into five categories:

  • Speech and language apps
    • Toca Boca
    • Bamba
    • My PlayHome
  • Data management/tracking apps
    • Class Dojo
    • SmartyEars
  • Creation apps
    • Book Creator
    • Haiku Deck
    • Pictello
    • Tapikeo
  • Reading apps
    • Reading Raven
  • Professional & personal apps
    • Genius Scan (scanning documents)
    • PDF expert (signing documents on an iPad)

You can read the full transcript of the most recent spedchat here (reads bottom to top). If you are interested in learning more or participating in a future spedchat, check out #spedchat on Twitter. I recommend following Melanie (#teachwtechbrox), an intervention specialist and spedchat moderator, for frequent updates on current events.

Josh Luthi is a computer science student at the University of Kansas and has a penchant for politics.

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