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Putting Florida on the Map

Posted on Dec 13, 2012

Researchers from the Center on Online Learning traveled to Tallahassee, Florida to meet with representatives from the Florida State Department of Education at the Turlington Building (pictured above)

“Getting out there into the classroom to see what is working”:  this has been the Center’s recent theme and direction as it begins work on several case studies. One of the states that the Center wants to look more closely at is Florida, which requires all students to complete at least one online class before graduating.

In order to learn more about what is happening in online learning for students with disabilities in Florida, the Center organized a day-long meeting to meet with online teachers, principals from online schools, technology specialists, and members of the Florida State Department of Education. Participants traveled from Palm Beach Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, Leon County Virtual School, and Pasco eSchool to discuss the Center’s research initiatives and chat about observations, concerns, and trends in the online classroom.

The Center is very eager to share information on the various topics discussed at the conference. The Center is currently working a visual to depict  the research initiatives of  these schools, which will be up soon. As you look forward to seeing the new graphic, please enjoy the blog posts being posted on the Center’s website.

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