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Perspectives from State Special Education Directors on Online Learning (White Paper Series)

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

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The Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities has surveyed state directors of special education regarding online learning and has released a short white paper, available for free download here.

In September 2013, the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities surveyed state directors of special education regarding: 1) their states’ guidance; 2) disability categories represented in online learning; 3) related services provided online; 4) assurance of privacy, accommodations, a range of digital content, and the probability of student online success; and 5) perception of the importance of promising practices for this population in online settings.

In general, findings suggest that state directors of special education believed that their states do not provide guidance around the topic of students with disabilities in online learning; many states do not collect data on which students with disabilities participate in online learning and therefore many state directors do not know if all disability areas are represented in online learning; speech-language services are the related service most often provided online; most respondents did not know if their online programs ensured privacy, provided accommodations, or provided a range of digital content; most were not aware of the probability of students’ success in online settings; and many respondents were not aware of the importance of some foundational practices for online learning programs; such as flexibility, sense of community, student orientation, allowance for choice, adult guidance, combining online learning with other activities, and building adaptive learning into the online system.

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    1. Tameka Prater     June 26, 2014  4:28 pm Reply

      I really want to homeschool my son who is disable..He has cp and the school he has been attending has not meet my standards as far as his one on one needs..They r just teaching the class but he is not learing anything..Its not a good enviorment for my son anymore. .I am ok with being at home with him im looking for more information to help me get started with teaching him at home..Or if I can get information on a teacher that will come into my home and teach him..Please any infomation will b helpful..Thank you Mom or Ms.Prater