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Center will mediate Analytics Symposium

Posted on May 29, 2012

A call to experts interested in learning analytics will be issued for October symposium

As education becomes more and more electronic based, the numerical data that educators draw from assessment and student navigation around their site is interesting experts in analytics. Can this data inform curriculum or material change? Will student navigation and how often they visit certain areas of the course inform the design features of the online learning website?

The Center hopes to begin formulating answers to these questions by holding an analytics symposium. iNACOL (International Association on K-12 Online Learning) is holding their annual conference October 12-14th in New Orleans. The Center has proposed holding both an analytics symposium and workshop (each for approximately half-a-day to work with and ask questions of experts in analytics.

Currently, the Center is working on literature reviews in analytics and understands the line that divides business analytics (for example, what you hear, target, and your grocery store collecting) from the still-developing field of learning analytics. Many issues surround learning analytics including privacy issues, compliance with student data regulations, and major questions of just what can these analytics inform.

The Center will be putting out a call to experts and updating symposium and workshop guests as we near the October conference.

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