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A quick guide to accessible products in education

Posted on Jul 23, 2012

It is important that all students are equipped with accessible products, but it is often hard to tell which products are accessible. For this reason, the Center has launched a new table that provides at-a-glance information on common products used by students in online environments. We’ve designed the table to provide details on available VPATs or accessibility information from a variety of vendors. You can sort through the information by category, vendor, or color-coded system of how readily available VPATs are. What’s a VPAT? One way that companies can reveal the accessibility of their products is by creating a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). A VPAT details how the product complies with key regulation criteria listed in Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act. If you are interested in accessibility, section 508, and how VPATs are becoming a standardized practice, make sure to read our current white paper.

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    1. Pat Satterfield     January 31, 2013  10:06 am Reply

      thanks for this info at ATIA!